Introducing our New Logo

When I was a teenager, I sat at the kitchen table with my siblings and parents brainstorming ideas to name our new farm business. My dad had sold the cattle I had been raised with and decided to start a strawberry farm.

Because of the hills on our farm, we chose the name Hilltop Harvest and picked a logo that included a nice big strawberry. We have used that same logo for nearly 25 years.

Strawberries continue to be our main crop. But with the exciting addition of cut flowers and long history of growing pumpkins, the time seemed right to create a new look that more accurately represents the variety of things we grow.

In our new logo you’ll notice the products we sell are placed within a building shape. To some, it may just look like a house. To my family, that shape is easily recognized as the oldest buildings on our farm. The barn was built in the 1880s and the grainery in the early 1900s and incorporating the history of our farm into the logo feels so special.

This farm has provided for our family in many different ways over the generations--wheat and barley, corn and soybeans, alfalfa and cattle-- and now strawberries, flowers and pumpkins. We are thankful for each crop and for our customers that get to share the joy with us through each harvest.

Hilltop Harvest 1880s Barn
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