Pre-Picked Strawberries

Pre-picked Berries no longer available

Like most businesses, staffing is a big problem. Having a short, seasonal business doubles that challenge. Unfortunately, this means pre-picked berries will not be available for the remainder of the 2024 season.

If you cannot pick yourself, I encourage you to ask a family member, friend, neighbor, or church member to help pick berries for you. As a general rule we doubled the price of our you-pick berries to pay our staff to pick, so if you choose, you can pay someone to pick for you and still spend the same amount as you would have otherwise.

If you arrange for someone to pick for you, please feel free to ride along and enjoy the farm while they pick. We have shady spots to sit in the morning and the food truck will be serving waffles. You may just create a fun summer tradition with a loved one or friend!

Thank you for your understanding and know that it tugs at our hearts that we cannot get strawberries picked for everyone who needs this service.

If you are not able to pick strawberries yourself, we have a crew of pickers to help. We offer pre-picked berries on weekdays by order only. Pre-picked berries will be available each morning, Monday through Friday, around 10:30 a.m. on the website. Due to high demand, berries tend to sell out quickly.

Our pre-picked berries cost $6 per pound and are sold in a 10# flat box. If we sell out quickly, we are sorry for any inconvenience. Be sure to try back again the next day.

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