You-Cut Flowers

Cut Your Own Flowers

in Southwest Minnesota

Walk amongst the flowers, look for what inspires you and bring home beautiful a beautiful flower arrangement that is uniquely yours. Whether you come to our farm for beauty, peace, time with a friend or just to see the splendor of thousands of flowers, visiting our farm during flower season is an opportunity to create beautiful memories.

You Cut Flowers
Queen Lime Zinnias

Cut beautiful flowers to take home

When you arrive, proceed to the table to be given a cup that holds approximately a quart jar arrangement. Flower season begins mid-July and lasts until the first frost.

  • Cost: $25 per cup
  • A cup holds approximately 20-25 stems.
  • Wednesday: 5 - 7 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Clippers will be available for you along with quick instructions to help you know how to cut the flowers. As you select beautiful blooms, remove leaves to fit the most blooms in your cup. Fill your cup with the flowers of your choice.

Stem Bar

DIY Bloom Buckets

Interested in cutting a larger number of flowers for an event? DIY Bloom Buckets are a great option for a baby shower, bridal shower or grooms dinner!

  • Cost: $65/floral bucket holding approximately 60-65 stems.
  • Additional costs for specialty dahlias and sunflowers grown outside of you-cut field.

Bloom Buckets can also be cut for you in a specific color theme if you prefer not to cut your own. Please reach out to Katherine at 844-641-6655 to order.

When You Get Home

  • 1 Find a jar or vase for your arrangement, add water and floral food.
  • 2 Strip any remaining leaves that fall below the water line of your vase.
  • 3 Cut stems at an angle to allow more water uptake.
  • 4 Create your beautiful floral arrangement.
  • 5 Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight.
  • 6 Add more water as flowers drink or change the water every few days.
  • 7 Clean water = longer vase life.

Ready to create unforgettable memories?

The best flavors and experiences are at Hilltop Harvest in Southwest Minnesota. Make your way to Hilltop Harvest today and be part of something truly special!

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