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September brings one of our favorite times of the year—DAHLIA SEASON! Savor these beautiful blooms while they last with a bouquet subscription featuring dahlias!

Receive a bouquet every week for four weeks in September—this could be adjusted by one week depending on growing conditions. Each bouquet will include 3-5 dahlias depending on size along with other beautiful flowers from our farm that create beautiful floral arrangements!

Pick up locations will be offered in Redwood Falls (Tuesdays), Marshall (Thursdays) or on the farm! Delivery within the city limits of Redwood Falls or Vesta/Marshall on those delivery days can be provided for an additional charge outlined when you checkout.

Benefits of being a CSA member:

–4 weeks of beautiful dahlia bouquets

–Your share is an investment in local agriculture

–Knowledge of how and where your flowers are grown and a personal relationship with our farm

–Free pass to use our space for your professional photo session (discount code will be provided for scheduling for up to 1 hour – $50 value)

–CSA Appreciation night (date TBD)– Enjoy a lovely evening of touring our farm, learn about how we grow the flowers and hopefully we’ll catch a beautiful sunset at the end of the night.

Give a Gift of Flowers! Our CSA Bouquet Subscription makes a great gift! We can provide a special card with all the details your gift recipient would need to know about this special gift.


When will I be notified of the pickup dates?

We feel pretty confident that dahlias will be ready bountiful in September, but with growing things we’re at the mercy of the weather so pickup dates could vary slightly. We will communicate via the email you provided during checkout approximately two weeks prior to the start of the subscription. Please add Katherine@hilltopharvest.com to your email contacts so this does not end up in your spam folder.

How do I receive my bouquet each week?

When you purchase your bouquet, you will have the option of choosing to pick up your bouquet at the Redwood Falls Nursery in Redwood Falls on Tuesdays, a business location to be determined within the city limits of Marshall on Thursdays or at our farm either day. Whatever location you choose will be the location for all four weeks of your subscription. Consistency allows us to ensure your bouquet is where it should be!

If you choose to pick up at one of the businesses we partner with, we will provide directions for where your bouquet will be located at that business and you will simply go to that counter/table space, grab your bouquet and go. Please be respectful of their business and pickup during their business hours. We are thankful they have so graciously allowed us to use their space to make it easier for you to get your flowers!

If you choose to pick up your bouquet on our farm we will provide directions for where to find your bouquet so you can simply grab your bouquet and go. If you come to the farm for pick up you can certainly take some time to walk amongst the flowers and enjoy the beauty for a bit before you go! We may be working in the field or we may not be around at all depending on the time of day.

What happens if I’m on vacation and cannot pick up my flowers on one of the dates?

As a CSA member you are responsible for picking up your flowers on the day selected. If you choose to pick up your flowers at a partner location (Redwood Falls Nursery or Toni’s Depot in Marshall) you must arrive during their business hours as we cannot burden them with additional coordination. If you choose to pick up at our farm your bouquet will be available until 8 p.m. If you are out of town, we encourage you to share your bouquet with a friend or neighbor! Unfortunately, we cannot reschedule or accommodate missed pick ups.

How long will my flowers last?

The vase life of flowers varies, but we aim for 5-7 days of vase life for our bouquets! Some flowers such as cosmos, may not last as long as a sunflower or zinnia, but each bouquet will include a variety of flowers to enjoy. If one should fade sooner, just trim or remove the spent bloom. The best way to extend the life of your flowers is to keep the water clean by changing it every 2-3 days, use flower food provided, and keep flowers out of direct sunlight.

What flowers will be in my bouquets?

All flowers in your bouquet are grown on our farm. Our dahlia subscription will feature several dahlias as well as complimentary blooms of the season! Each week will vary based on what is blooming at that time. Bouquets will include a variety of blooms including feature flowers, accent flowers and filler to create a beautiful bouquet.

How do I gift a subscription to someone else?

When you purchase your subscription you will find space on the form to provide information for a gift subscription. We won’t spoil your surprise! We will prove you with a special card or email printable that can be used for gifting and we will not contact them until two weeks before the CSA starts when we announce our first pick-up date.

Can I add delivery to my subscription?

We can deliver within the city limits of Redwood Falls (Tuesdays), Vesta or Marshall (Thursdays) for an extra charge of $10 per bouquet ($40 total for the summer subscription). Deliveries will be made during our regular morning CSA drop-off time and access to an indoor shaded location is preferred to keep flowers looking their best. If you would like to add delivery to your order you can chose that option during the checkout process.

What happens if weather destroys the flower crop?

As a CSA Bouquet member, we first and foremost, strive to provide you with the bounty of our season. That said, farming comes with risk. If hail, wind, disease or insects destroy our crop we will do our best to honor your subscription with a substitute product. By having a diversity of plants, hopefully this means we will have plenty of options to handle any curveballs, but if a catastrophic event occurs we will do our best to honor the value of your purchase in another way.


Marshall, MN, Redwood Falls, MN

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