Season Update: How are the strawberries looking?

A short answer to that question is great! The strawberries have been loving the rain and seem to have set on a good amount of fruit. Seeing all the little green berries is exciting! As you can see from the photos, our early variety of berries, Galetta, is further along in its ripening than the Jewel, which is the majority of what we grow. That one berry turning red makes my heart race a little bit!

So when will strawberry season start?

This morning I was chatting with my mom about the timing of strawberry season and all the different guides we use to guess when we will open. When the strawberries are white, they will double in size and be ripe in about a week. When we pick a bowl of berries for our family to eat we have about 5 days. When… When… When…  Even in our 24th year and with so many ways to gauge how things are progressing, it’s a guessing game with Mother Nature.

While we can’t give you an exact date, it seems like our early variety is coming along more quickly. We haven’t grown this variety for many years, so we are watching those berries grow, looking at weather forecasts, and continuing to check off our  to-do lists to be ready for you soon!

When we know our opening date we will be sure to let you know through our e-newsletter, Facebook and our field conditions hotline (844-641-6655).

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Galetta strawberries getting ripe
Jewel Strawberries forming
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